Form’d of Joy and Mirth

Single from Disegni Music
Available July 16, 2018 from Amazon, CDBaby
William Harned, Piano
George Lacson, Audio Engineer


String Quartet OCD SQOCD_CD_cover

The Playground Ensemble String Quartet: Sarah Whitnah and Leslie Sawyer, Violins; Donald Schumacher, Viola; Richard vonFoerster, cello
EP Release from Disegni Music
Available on May 6, 2016 at CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes

In the autobiographical tradition of the string quartet since the time of Beethoven, Loretta Notareschi’s String Quartet OCD sketches the emotional landscape of the composer’s experience with postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder in the year following her daughter’s birth. Postpartum OCD, which affects approximately 3 to 5% of mothers, is characterized by intense fear and anxiety, in response to which mothers develop repetitive coping behaviors. The four movements of String Quartet OCD take the listener on a journey through the anxiety, fear, and shame of the disease through the joy of recovery. Although String Quartet OCD dramatizes one person’s personal experience with mental illness, it seeks to give voice to the universal fears of all people about our vulnerability and our children’s vulnerability in a dangerous world.

Read more about String Quartet OCD and Notareschi’s experience in her Essay Before a String Quartet. Peruse and purchase the score here.

3-18 cover only

Inventions, Interludes, and Interjectionsduomontagnard2

By Duo Montagnard, featuring Two About Two for guitar and soprano saxophone.