The text "Sleep Now, Child: SATB divisi and Piano" is above an image of a man holding a sleeping baby. Below that is the composer's name, Loretta K. Notareschi, and the logo for Disegni Music.
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For SATB or SSAA Divisi Chorus and Piano. Duration: 3″
Words and music by Loretta K. Notareschi

Sleep Now, Child for SATB Divis Chorus and Piano
Performed by the Regis University Concert Choir, April 2022; Clelyn Chapin, Director; Teresa Crane, Piano

Sleep Now, Child is a lullaby for mixed choir and piano. With a gently rocking accompaniment and peaceful harmonies, the music is meant to evoke the warmth and tenderness of the lyrics. These words were inspired by my own experience with motherhood and my child’s need for peace and comfort. The piece also reflects my hope that all children, and indeed all of us in our vulnerable and childlike moments, may feel embraced and protected when we most need it.



Gently rest upon my breast,
Breathe deeply and then sigh.
Find comfort here in my soft arms,
Find peace where you lie.

As you slumber I will wait,
Keep watch while stars move overhead,
Hold you here inside my arms,
And make for you the softest bed.

Sleep now, child, and close your eyes,
As the moon above us rises,
I will tend the fire tonight,
Watch over you till morning sun shines bright.

In my embrace may you find love,
In my arms rest your cares,
Whisper secrets in my ear,
And tell me all you wish to share.

Sleep now, child…

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