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In una voce grave e pericolosa (2006)

For orchestra, 10′
Commissioned by the Napa Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra
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UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
David Milnes, Director
About the Music
In una voce grave e pericolosa (meaning “In a low and dangerous voice”) has four sections that follow a narrative trajectory of two successive crises followed by anguish and finally release. The harmonic material flows between the tonal and atonal, the consonant and the dissonant, reflecting my interest in writing music that evokes ambiguity and conflict as well as certainty and peace.
In una voce… was composed for Ming Luke, Rachel Epley, and the Napa Valley Symphony Youth Orchestra, and it is gratefully dedicated to them.

Sand in the Machine (2007)

For wind ensemble, 9.5′
Commissioned by the University of California at Berkeley Wind Ensemble

UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble
Bob Calonico, Director
2 Piccolos
4 Flutes
2 Oboes (2nd doubles English Horn)
3 Clarinets in B-flat
2 Bass Clarinets in B-flat
2 Bassoons
4 Horns in F
6 Trumpets in B-flat
4 Trombones
1 Bass Trombone
2 Euphoniums
2 Tubas
Percussion: 4 Timpani, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals, Tam-tam, Triangle (large), 5 Tom-toms (high to low), Crotales, Tubular Bells, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone
About the Music
I wrote Sand in the Machine “In memoriam György Ligeti” to honor the great composer’s memory. His Lontano inspired some of the textures in my piece, as did his notion that composition could be like building a machine and then throwing sand into it. In this case, the “machine” is a slow-motion textural fugue.