Bordone (2012)

For violin and laptop, 7-10′
This piece can be played using Max Runtime, a free program from Cycling74. Download Max Runtime here.

Bordone (live performance from October 10, 2012)
Loretta Notareschi, violin; Mark Davenport, laptop
Recording credit: Kelsey Schroeder

About the Music
Bordone, meaning “drone” in Italian, is an improvisational piece for violin and laptop. The laptop part is a virtual instrument, called the “Drone Machine,” that I built in Max in 2012. The Drone Machine player manipulates layers of pre-recorded drones (some acoustic, some electronic) by filtering their spectra in real time. A score outlines the relative intensities to be reached by both players but is otherwise open in terms of length, pitch and “noise” content, form, and other musical parameters. The musical landscape conjured is both familiar and otherworldly. This piece is an outgrowth of my study at the International Composers and Interactive Artists workshop in Citta’ di Castello, Italy in July 2012, sponsored by a generous grant from Regis University.

pdficon_largeScore Sample Digital Edition Score (PDF), Sound Files, and Max Patch – $20.00