For soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello, 20’, in four movements
Written for soprano Tara Generalovich on texts by Margaret Ronda
I. Time (excerpt)

II. Swarm (excerpt)

III. Law (excerpt)

IV. Lost (excerpt)

Tara Generalovich, soprano; Ysmael Reyes, flute/piccolo; Leah Biber, clarinet; Scott Higgins, percussion; Nan Shannon, piano; Rachel Segal, violin; Katherine Knight, cello; Loretta Notareschi, conductor

About the Music
don’t show this to no one is the culmination of a collaboration between Loretta Notareschi, soprano Tara Generalovich, and poet Margaret Ronda. The poetry is from a set Ronda wrote in 2006 called Six Roses: A Song Cycle. The set, while largely abstract, represents the different stages of a woman’s life, from childhood, through adolescence and adulthood, to old age and death. The music for each movement evokes different feelings and sounds associated with each stage of life—the first movement, Time, uses intervals and rhythmic gestures associated with children’s songs (so-called sol-mi songs) while trembling and trilling in childish exuberance. The second movement, Swarm, uses whispering by both the soprano and ensemble to portray the secret-telling intimacy of adolescence. The third movement, Law, shows the severity of a young adult’s self-definition in the strictness of its tempo and clear rhythmic differentiation between the instruments, and the fourth movement, Lost, expresses the anguish of illness in old age through its harmonies and obsessively repeating accompaniment patterns.

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