How All’s to One Thing Wrought! (2014)

For laptop, 8′

An image of the Max virtual instrument used to make this piece:
Order Score, Max Patch, and Sound Files from Disegni Music
This piece can be played using Max Runtime, a free program from Cycling74. Download Max Runtime here.

Loretta Notareschi, laptop
March 12, 2014

About the Music
How All’s to One Thing Wrought! is an improvisational piece played on a virtual instrument I designed for laptop and MIDI controller using the software Max/MSP. The title, drawn from the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem “On a Piece of Music,” refers to my wonder at what Unitarian Universalists refer to as the ‘interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.’ The piece presents this notion of oneness or interrelationship through its reliance on one sample (of a low C played on a cello), explored electronically in many different forms.