Undying Wind (2015)

For Open Instrumentation and Live Electronics
Commissioned by the Laramie Country Community College New Music Ensemble

Laramie County Community College New Music Ensemble

About the Music
When I was invited by Bryan Christian to create an open instrumentation, improvisational, electro-acoustic piece for the Laramie County Community College New Music Ensemble, I knew immediately I wanted first to get to know the performers. I drove up from Denver to Cheyenne to meet and improvise with them, also recording several samples of the performers playing long held notes on their individual instruments. I then transformed these samples electronically to be used with my virtual instrument, the Drone Machine. I was inspired aesthetically by the dramatic wind blowing in Cheyenne the day I visited: this sound is particularly evident in the transformed bass drum sample used in the Drone Machine.

Score Sample PDF Sheet Music, Audio Samples, and Max Patch – $20.00