Five Etudes (2018)

For solo ukulele, 11’15”

Fingerstyle Studies for the Advanced Beginner
In Standard Notation and Tab

I. Conundrum (1+3)

II. Spinning (My) Wheels (2+2)

III. Thinking (3+1)

IV. Possibilities (3+1)

V. What Lies Ahead (1+3)

Score Sample Printed Score (U.S. only) – $17.00
Digital Edition PDF – $12.00

The Five Etudes are available on Donald Bousted’s 2020 release, The New Classical Ukulele.

Praise for Five Etudes:

“The Five Etudes for ukulele by Loretta Notareschi reflect the craftsmanship of an experienced composer and the intimate knowledge of a player. Notareschi takes us on a musical and technical journey of exploration and discovery sometimes thoughtful, sometimes yearning, sometimes percolating and sometimes just cycling through the realms of the imagination. Musically introspective, there is a constant sense of searching and reaching for, as the title of the final Etude tantalisingly suggests, What Lies AheadThe score is beautifully presented with attention to essential details such as fingerings and dynamics. The pieces are challenging but accessible. A must for any fingerstyle ukulele player looking to extend their repertoire and their knowledge of the fingerboard.”

Samantha Muir, composer of 12 Progressive Studies for Ukulele and creator of

Many thanks to Samantha for her blog post on the Etudes.

“Loretta Notareschi’s Five Etudes for solo ‘Ukulele are a pleasure to play. She designed them to be accessible for any level of player. Notareschi approaches the instrument like a harp, combining simple moving left-hand shapes with open strings set into motion by repeating right-hand fingerpicking patterns. The resonance created by playing the tiny instrument this way is both surprising and haunting.”

Dr. James Cline, creator of Ukulele for Self-Improvement YouTube Channel

“Congratulations for these terrific studies….They are a valuable contribution to the serious study of our instrument. It matters not whether a symphony, an etude, or a simple four-bar phrase if music is of a quality that encourages the development of musical expression. . . .Your work provides exactly this opportunity within a technical framework that is not out of reach for the developing player, while also being musically rewarding for the more technically accomplished. Kudos to you.”

Dr. Todd Fiegel, Retired Professor of Conducting & Music Education, Freelance Conductor and Lecturer

“I received your Five Etudes last evening and I cannot stop playing them. These Etudes are teaching me patience, familiarity with the entire fingerboard, expression, simple beauty and joy of listening.  I will learn a lot from these Etudes,  but will also enjoy playing them for peace in these difficult times.”

Linda P., Disegni Music customer, November 2020

[When] I discovered the recent publication of Loretta K Notareschi’s ‘Five Etudes’, [I] purchased them immediately. I was blown away.  I loved the fact that she had taken this instrument, not losing sight of its beautiful beginnings, into a completely different dimension; musically, spiritually and intellectually.

Donald Bousted, featured on the 2020 release, The New Classical Ukulele.

About the Music

For soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele, in re-entrant (high G) standard tuning.

Introspective and expressive, the Five Etudes are fingerstyle ukulele studies for the advanced beginner. Each etude is a destination in an emotional journey, beginning with one conundrum and ending with another. They guide the player toward mastery of certain left-hand shapes and right-hand fingerpicking and strumming patterns.