Rounds of Faith: Community Songs for the Spirit


Covering a wide variety of spiritual themes, these rounds are suitable for use during a church service, retreat, conference, camp, school meeting, or other community setting.

Each round is simple to learn and is notated with chord symbols for ease of accompaniment. A table of contents and thematic index make the collection convenient for use in themed worship.

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For congregational reprint or projection of any individual round for a worship service or other one-day event, add to your cart one copy of the round, then add to your cart the license fee of $20 (at the bottom of the table below).

If you would like to make copies of a round for your choir or other group, usable for an unlimited number of days, purchase the requisite number of copies of the individual PDF files, below. Or, consider buying each member of your choir a hard copy of the songbook.

Praise for Rounds of Faith:

Rounds of Faith fills many of the musical needs of my congregation. It can be used as a resource for community song and chanting as well as a book of easily accessible yet musically interesting pieces for choir. I highly recommend Loretta Notareschi’s excellent book of rounds for music directors and educators alike.

-John Hubert, Director of Music
First Universalist Church of Denver

See samples below Songbook including thematic index. $10.00

Add to shopping cart with no shipping fee, to be delivered at the UUMN Conference in July 2017:
 See samples below PDF Songbook including thematic index. $8.00
Score Sample  PDF No. 1 To Everything There Is a Season $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample

No. 2 Wait in Love, arranged for strings

PDF No. 2 Wait in Love $1.00 per copy
Score Sample PDF No. 3 By Forgiving with Compassion $1.00 per copy
Score Sample PDF No. 4 Humility and Gratitude $1.00 per copy
Score Sample PDF No. 5 The Quality of Mercy $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 6 Give to Each Moment Its Due Care $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 7 Cogito Ergo Sum (“I Think, Therefore I Am”) $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 8 Faith Is the Substance of Things Hoped For $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 9 Manifold Are the Peoples of Earth $1.00 per copy
Score Sample PDF No. 10 Hail, O Sun $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 11 Oh, How Lovely Is the Spring $1.00 per copy
 Score Sample PDF No. 12 To Grow Is to Change $1.00 per copy
License a Round for Congregational Reprint or Projection: $20 per day*


*For congregational reprint or projection, add to your cart one copy of the round above, then add to your cart the license fee of $20.