For solo piano, about 6′
Five classical pieces for the intermediate player
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Songs without Words for Piano by Loretta K. Notareschi

About the Music
The Songs without Words are my second arrangement of my ukulele music for intermediate pianists. They feature a combination of easier and more complex material that gives the developing player a chance to try out difficulties within a relatively simple framework. They may be performed as a complete set or individually.

Each Song is a world unto itself, a little tune to be played simply. I gave each a title I thought expressed the essential character of the music.

The first piece, Ruby’s Song, reminded me of the times I would sing and dance to made-up tunes with my newborn daughter, Ruby.

The Lament is meant to be played with rubato (an expressive give and take in tempo).

Merry Tune should put a smile on the listener’s face–start out practicing it slow and gradually build it up to tempo.

The challenge in High Wire is to bring out the main melody while subordinating the accompanying chords.

Climb the Ladder is a cheerful study in scales and chords. Carefully practice the two-handed scale at the end until you can play smoothly.

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I. Ruby’s Song from Songs without Words