Two About Two (2010)

For oboe or soprano saxophone and guitar, 5’
Commissioned by the Mountain Music Duo; saxophone/guitar version commissioned by Duo Montagnard
Oboe/Guitar Version:

The Mountain Music Duo: Tenly Williams, oboe; James Cline, guitar
Soprano Saxophone/Guitar Version now available from Duo Montagnard!

About the Music
Two About Two gets its title from the fact that it is two instruments expressing two main different ideas: A and B. The A idea is lyrical and chorale-like, and the B idea is jazzier and more angular. A is presented ultimately in two different keys. In the second key (D minor, at the end), it is presented in two different ways: backwards and upside down. B is presented in two ways also: with blues-scale-influenced materials and with more atonal materials. A and B influence one another throughout the piece.

Sample Score – Oboe/Guitar Version Printed Score and Parts – $20.00
Digital Edition PDFs – $10.00
Sample Score – Soprano Saxophone/Guitar Version Printed Score and Parts – $20.00
Digital Edition PDFs – $10.00